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New Issue of The VOICE Out Now!

The second quarter issue of TRTA's news bulletinThe VOICE, should have arrived in members' mailboxes recently!

Please be aware that the issue was printed prior to the June 16 and 17 meetings of the TRS Board of Trustees, and the publication does not include information about the changes made recently to the TRS-Care retiree health insurance program.

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District Presidents Leadership Training Conference 

This week, TRTA is busy hosting the annual District Presidents Leadership Training Conference.

The conference will be held at the Airport Austin Hilton July 12-15. TRTA's district leaders will meet with the Board of Directors and Standing Committee Chairmen to discuss every aspect of the organization's structure, goals and legislative strategy for 2017.

Legislative Training Initiative

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Legislative Updates

TRS Board of Trustees Talks Budget, Plans for TRS-Care

The Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS) Board of Trustees met today, July 29, to discuss TRS-Care and budget requests that will be made to the Texas Legislature later this summer.

TRTA Executive Director Tim Lee provided impassioned public comment, approaching the trustees with heartfelt concern about the looming TRS-Care budget crisis.

Lee stressed that the participants in the retiree health insurance program pay $1.4 billion in revenue to sustain the program annually (35 percent of the program’s total revenue), while the state pays $300 million and school districts pay $150 million per year approximately. The health care plan covers 260,000 lives, and provides a vital, quality retirement benefit.

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