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This week, TRTA District Presidents and staff will be attending the District Presidents Leadership Training Conference (DPLTC) in Austin, Texas at the Airport Hilton. The District Presidents will receive training from all state committees and the officers of the TRTA Board of Directors. They will also hear from the TRTA staff about upcoming projects and goals for the coming year.

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Legislative Updates

TRTA Attacked, Time to Set the Record Straight
TRTA Attacked, Time to Set the Record Straight
TRTA Members Being Called to Action!
Recently, a blog post written by Empower Texans (a conservative think tank well known for its political activism) regarding the TRS-Care retiree health insurance funding crisis portrayed the fund’s shortfall as a battle between political factions, and misrepresented several key facts in the ongoing quest to adequately fund the program.
The blog accused Texas Retired Teachers Association (TRTA) of agreeing “with the big spenders,” and deciding that “state money to fund video game production and subsidize billion-dollar blockbuster movies took priority over healthcare for retired teachers.”
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