Barclay Insurance

Educators Professional Liability Insurance
John A. Barclay Agency, Inc. offers insurance for qualified TRTA members returning to the classroom. The $1,000,000 policy is available for an annual charge of $39. (Insurance Premium per Member = $35; State Taxes and Fees = $1.75; and, Association's Administrative Fees = $2.25.) For more information call 800.880.1650. Download a copy of the application form here. Renewals and new applications for this insurance will be accepted by TRTA through January 31, 2018. Also available to view is the brochure and summary.

Private Practice Educators Professional Liability Insurance
Insurance available through the John A. Barclay Agency, Inc. for qualified TRTA administrators or educators returning to work in capacities other than the classroom. The $1,000,000 policy is available for an annual charge of $313. (Insurance Premium per Member = $214 / Agency Administrative Fee = $99) Click here for a summary of eligibility, coverage and application. To view application select "temporarily allow pop-ups." Also available to view is the brochure.

General Liability Insurance Program for Districts and Local Chapters
Optional General Liability Insurance program for the TRTA Districts and Local Chapters available through The John A Barclay Agency, Inc. from HCC Specialty Underwriters, one of the leading providers of Special Event Insurance.

HCC will offer this coverage to TRTA interested entities through their fully automated online quoting and binding system with limits such as $1,000,000 each occurrence/$2,000,000 general aggregate. TRTA subscribers may complete an application online, receive a quote, make payment, bind the policy, and print quotes, policies, invoices, and certificate of insurance instantly. Each entity will have its own stand-alone General Liability coverage. It will require a credit card to make the transaction. Click here to begin your process of quoting and purchasing coverage.